Grassfed & Finished Beef

grassfed and finished beef

Our Ranch Standards

We give our cattle the best quality of life possible.

We raise Angus cows that we are working to selectively breed to thrive in our Northern climate on forage and forage alone. Our beef animals are born on the ranch, and they spend their entire life grazing our open rangeland and irrigated hay ground. The quality of life of our animals is a top priority not only regarding what they eat but the way they are handled. Our ranch crew practices Low-Stress Livestock Handling techniques and takes the animals mental well being into consideration as well as their physical – we understand these go hand in hand and are essential in raising healthy animals.

Our Cattle’s Diet

Although the quality of the meat is the end goal, we strive to provide our cattle the highest quality of life possible. Grass, alfalfa, all-natural mineral supplements, Apple Cider Vinegar, fresh water, and good Montana air is all our animals know and we are proud of that.

Natural Remedies for Healthy Cattle

During the winter months, we supplement our cow herd with grass and alfalfa hay. Year-round we provide the herd with salt, minerals, and Apple Cider Vinegar to improve their digestive function, increase feed efficiency, and help them combat internal and external parasites.

Our Mission

Raising high-quality, healthy meat while conserving and improving the landscape we depend on.